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Year 12 Career Appointments

All Year 12s need to have a Careers appointment to discuss your options and pathways for 2019. Please make an appointment by signing up on the Careers Office door.

Year 10 Work experience

When you have found your work experience placement, please bring the signed Work experience arrangement form (and Travel form if required) to Caro Baring in the Careers Office.

Remember work experience is from Monday 20th August to Friday 24th August.

All VET students require a USI

If you do not have a USI organised for your VET subject, you need to do this URGENTLY.

You must have this Unique Student Identifier before you can commence any courses. If you don't already have one, you can create one at but will need identification such as a Medicare card or Birth certificat.

Do you need help with a resume or job search?

The Careers office can help you to find a part-time job, look for a school based or full-time apprenticeship, help you with resume writing, cover letters and develop your interview skills. The Careers Office is in the Resources Centre and available to all students at Mount Erin.

How do I apply for a Tax File Number?

If you are looking for a job, you will need a Tax File number to give to your Employer and your Bank branch.

Tax File number applications are all on-line now. Complete the application, print out the form and take it to a Post office branch with original identity documents. You may need to make an appointment before you go. Your Tax File Number will be sent to your home address and you have it FOR LIFE!



When can I start working?

You must be aged 15 years to start paid work (not 14 years and 9 months). There are some exceptions including being employed by a family businesses, or working in the television industry. You can start looking for work before you turn 15 and can also apply for a Tax file number as well.